Stay together

Today I’m going to share a poem written in my native language, Spanish. Hearing the tragedies occurring yesterday is devastating and truly heartbreaking. This is not islam, it’s terrorism and  having Muslim friends I know this is not what they want either and are as heart broken as all of us. Because terrorism has no religion. 

Hoy las banderas ondean a media asta 

Y aún así nadie es capaz de decir basta 

Donde esta yendo esta humanidad 

Que nadie parece saber parar 
Todos somos ciudadanos de un mismo lugar 

Y por ello hay que aprender a respetar 

No vivimos en tiempo de cruzadas 

Y por mas que lo repito siempre parece que volvemos a las andadas. 
Estamos en tiempo de aceptar 

Porque todos somos dignos

Pese a los que solo ven infieles a los que matar
No importa de que color seamos 

O en que religión creamos 

Si nos mantenemos juntos hermanos. 


The Fairies

Water the lilies in the pond, gone

Make their stems grow green and fond

Let them bloom, siting on their own

Pour them gin; the fairies are gone

Hear the singing, dead and gone?

C’est la sirène wailing in the dawn

Come to me fairies, water the buds

Make my smile shine upon the studs.

And as the sun gazed, over the stones,

Her soul sank, into the unknown

Torn her cave, une catastrophe

Now only soldiers, hear her wailing,

When there is no one left sailing

Only the fairies, feeding the ailing.

Just someting I wrote yesturday late at night.

P.S. I love you

Once again here I am

Suffering the consequences

Of your own regard

Now you claim that I am much too free

That for alcohol I now glee

That I have no responsibility

That I am carving my own grief

Once again I’ll hear you say

You’ll be back for mothers-day

You’ll come back to stay

Once again you tear my heart

Once again I feel your hymn

It’s for your good my baby girl,

You’ll unfurl here, if you stay

Thy now you claim that I don’t care

When all you do is howl, condemn

Not noticing my despair

For I will only say,

I have no laces I can fly away

Don’t vent me harder

Or I will never stay.

Love QueenOfTheAbsurd xx

Probably non of you will read this, but I had to get it out of my system. I know this is not even close to a good poem, for me it’s more like a therapy. Anyways thank you and bye.

The Charles Bridge 

I remember lying on the floor, by the Charles Bridge in Prague. Waiting for the sun to break through the night. 

I layed, letting my corps blend with the sky and the ground.

It was then, when I was part of both, the earth and the sky that I realised, how short our stay is. 

How a new day does not only bring hope, but absence too.   

How the pace always flows.

How no one ever stops.

How absence would not control, if I could simply condone.  



Adam stuffed the last piece of flesh into his mouth. Outside, the heavy dawn fog damped Jena’s clothes hanging on the drying line. As the sun rose behind the trees, flares of light shone upon the rusty metal doors, softly painted red. Adam observed the aurora glimmering through the window of the warehouse. When a beeping noise went off. The processor. Still blind focused on the                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      blood puddles outside, an interrupted shady laugh started to sprout from the deepest corner of his nicotine diaphragm. A bark.

[To be continued…]