And the toothbrush sat

Sat at the bottom of the cup

Waiting for the kid

The kid that never grew up.

Stay together

Today I’m going to share a poem written in my native language, Spanish. Hearing the tragedies occurring yesterday is devastating and truly heartbreaking. This is not islam, it’s terrorism and  having Muslim friends I know this is not what they want either and are as heart broken as all of us. Because terrorism has no religion. 

Hoy las banderas ondean a media asta 

Y aún así nadie es capaz de decir basta 

Donde esta yendo esta humanidad 

Que nadie parece saber parar 
Todos somos ciudadanos de un mismo lugar 

Y por ello hay que aprender a respetar 

No vivimos en tiempo de cruzadas 

Y por mas que lo repito siempre parece que volvemos a las andadas. 
Estamos en tiempo de aceptar 

Porque todos somos dignos

Pese a los que solo ven infieles a los que matar
No importa de que color seamos 

O en que religión creamos 

Si nos mantenemos juntos hermanos. 

The Charles Bridge 

I remember lying on the floor, by the Charles Bridge in Prague. Waiting for the sun to break through the night. 

I layed, letting my corps blend with the sky and the ground.

It was then, when I was part of both, the earth and the sky that I realised, how short our stay is. 

How a new day does not only bring hope, but absence too.   

How the pace always flows.

How no one ever stops.

How absence would not control, if I could simply condone.