The alien: you 

Do you ever caress your shadow? Do you ever feel your cheeks blushing as the music resonates in the background? 

Do you ever feel comfort as you hug your pillow and the rain runs freely down your eyes? 

Have you ever let your soul sink into the mattress of a stranger? 

Have you ever? 

Have you ever inhaled the fumes of death and felt alive? 

What do you dream about, when you’re chained to reality? 

What do you see when your eyes are blind and the light too bright? 

Tell me what is left of you, when the wind has blown away your ashes. 

When there’s nothing left, but an empty canvas framing the flourishing nostalgia of our fading flames? 

When the mirror tinted by the blue, doesn’t reflect an image of you. 

And you realise the stranger you’ve been sleeping next to is no one. 

But you


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