About the poem

By the way the poem does have a structure (3 4 3 4).

However, WordPress seems to be restricting my creative authority.


P.S. I love you

Once again here I am

Suffering the consequences

Of your own regard

Now you claim that I am much too free

That for alcohol I now glee

That I have no responsibility

That I am carving my own grief

Once again I’ll hear you say

You’ll be back for mothers-day

You’ll come back to stay

Once again you tear my heart

Once again I feel your hymn

It’s for your good my baby girl,

You’ll unfurl here, if you stay

Thy now you claim that I don’t care

When all you do is howl, condemn

Not noticing my despair

For I will only say,

I have no laces I can fly away

Don’t vent me harder

Or I will never stay.

Love QueenOfTheAbsurd xx

Probably non of you will read this, but I had to get it out of my system. I know this is not even close to a good poem, for me it’s more like a therapy. Anyways thank you and bye.