Five fork dish and a bottle of Gin 

It’s funny huh? how everything  tastes delicious when you’re drunk, even life.

Suddently, not knowing how you’re savouring a five fork dish in a mold filthy tarvern. Those of which, you don’t know whether you’re just hangover the next day or rather, food poisoned.

Either way, you’ve enjoyed a five fork dish, at the price of a gin bottle. Genius. 

Because you know what? It doesn’t matter how tiny it is, if it feels big (don’t make weird interpretations). If you have a passion, a dream, remember why it started and make it your reality.

I for instance aspire to be a writer and a film director. I know it’s no mans land out there, that not everyone manages to slide over the “wall”. That many melt under the heat of the boiling cauldron of fire. But let me tell you, if there is the slight chance for me to get there, I will.

Goodnight everyone, hope not to bore you with my absurd, vane thoughts.



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